Sunday, 21 October 2007

First Post - dedicated to Streamyx, TMNet

I've been working on my first post for this blog for days now, or rather trying to publish my nicely thought out first post but thanks to Streamyx our almighty broadband provider I have to attempt doing it with a snail-paced dail-up connection... I shouldn't get so worked up and mad really, after all this is Borneo! And I happen not to live in KL or even KK or Kuching but in a small pekan bah. And when we have broadband or don't is all up to Streamyx, great god! We just have to accept it, sabar and be grateful when we have broadband for a weekend! Yes just be sabar and/but DON'T forget to pay your monthly subscription! Or your connection will be disconnected!

Foreigners who find out that we live in Borneo are invariably surprised that we (who are supposed to live in trees - maybe our over zealous Tourism people should not use so many of those Orangutan photos in their advertisements) are also connected to the Net, maybe just as we are sometimes surprised when we found out that one of our chat mate in the chat room is a pygmy in Congo! Ha? U mean u also cn use computer ah?

Sure, we are connected to the www too like everybody else, just that we are not as equal as everybody else. People in the big cities of course are more equal, they have fast broadband, WiFi, etc, etc. Not like us in the pekans, (I think people in the kampung don't even have dail-up?, I think only, I am not sure). Yes most of us have dail-up and some of us have slow broadband or intermittent broadband... like available one or two days in a week, or sometimes even one whole week without interruption! But mind you, we pay the same rate as the city folks (city folks who can afford sitting in some of those expensive kopitiams sometimes get to use free internet! But of course they have to buy their expensive laptops also lah).

Anyway, I'm rambling off the point now, and I don't get to post my first blog! Sabarlah, friends try to come back to read my blog some other time, maybe next Sunday. If Almighty Streamyx permit! (no point getting so angry)

pekan = town/ kampung = village/ sabar, sabarlah = patient, be patient,/ kopitiam = coffee shop (usually the old-fashion type)

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