Friday, 16 January 2009

Fantastic Fly

So far I have not posted any photo of Borneo's insects, not that we don't have our share of interesting insects, in fact our island is one of the richest places on earth entomologically! So to be fair to the millions of insects my new year's first post is about one of their kind!
Here's a fly! It may not look like one, reminds you of a hammer-head shark, doesn't it? But it's a member of the Diopsidae family in the Order Diptera, thus it is a true fly. Several species of stalk-eyed flies are found in Borneo, but due to their small size, they are seldom noticed.
I have not been able to get this specimen identified to its genus and species, but would post its ID here as soon as I got it. In the mean time I would welcome any comments or help in identifying this fantastic looking creature (some may say weird, but I think it's just wondrous looking, quaint, if you like but definitely not weird).


Tabib said...

Oh, what a great eyes.
sorry I also don't know the ID.
Great pic.

Misi said...

This is probably a member of the genus Teleopsis, but the species are difficult to ID, many of them undescribed.

Beverley said... check out the video of the stalk-eyed fly